Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mary Grove Locher Cabin Rising

Interior hearth of the 1840s addition.
Thanks to the efforts of K.C. Kirkman and his Division of Cultural Resources crew, the Mary Grove Locher Cabin is rising once again.

This historic structure--actually two structures--constitute the center of the West Woods fighting the morning of September 17.

Original log structure, ca. 1760 looking south.
The 1840s addition is to the right.
For more on the cabin's history, see entry here on April 27, 2009. A new book on Sharpsburg farmsteads has also come out and volunteer and battlefield guide Jim Rosebrock has posted a review of it on his site South from the North Woods.

One of the chapters is devoted to the Locher Cabin and contains some important new information on what took place there that will have historians reconsidering at least part of the West Woods narrative.

For now, I am posting photos of the work being done to the structures and will update them from time to time. 

Looking north. The second story will be added in the
coming months.

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