Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Witness Tree Falls

Sometime during the past couple of weeks, one of the West Woods witness trees fell to the severe storms that have blown through the hills of Maryland. This one, an American Elm, is 178 years old. Behind it are three more witness trees, one dead, the other two apparently healthy. There are more in the West Woods, especially in the original stand west of Route 65. Still, losing one is one too many.

I have not posted here for some time--work and travel get in the way. I am, however, going to pick up the contributions in the coming weeks and months.

First up will be a multi-part post on James Dinkins and the 18th Mississippi (Barksdale's Brigade) in the West Woods. Then a series on the work of Dwight Stinson who worked at the field in the 60s and left an interesting study titled "Operations of Sedgwick's Division" in the field's library / archives.

As we draw in on the 150th, everyone working in the Park is noticing the increase in the number of visitors. We see it in the West Woods. This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of chatting with visitors nearly the entire day. Aside from increased numbers, many visitors have a very good working knowledge about the Maryland Campaign--more so than most of those who have come before them.

What will September bring?