Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Antietam Blog Opens

Ranger Alann Schmidt takes
visitors on a Ranger Led Hike like
the ones listed on the new
Antietam Journal blog.
The Rangers at the Antietam National Battlefield Park have opened a new blog: Antietam Journal. 

The blog includes calendar events, historical articles, photographs, and other information useful to visitor and student alike.

In the blog so far...

Ranger Alann Schmidt delivers an excellent mini-history of the Dunker Church. Located on the eastern edge of the West Woods, the whitewashed church became a highly visible reference point for commands on both sides. Alann writes that "this house of worship, dedicated to the principles of peace and goodwill, would ironically end up being in the middle of the worst part of the worst battle our country has ever seen."

Ranger Mannie Gentile, explores
the West Woods terrain.
Ranger Mannie Gentile introduces the reader to the role terrain played during the battle. Through photos and narrative, Mannie reminds readers and visitors that "to really understand the battle, there is no substitute for walking the actual ground and discovering an appreciation of the difficulties faced by those who fought over this very dynamic, and confusing landscape nearly a century and a half ago."

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